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About the artist
A commercial designer, illustrator and award-winning wildlife artist, Tom is probably best known for his gamefish and migratory waterfowl illustrations used on various outdoor publications throughout the Northeast.

A multi-faceted, highly talented artist whose works reflect in-depth his attention to detail, Tom is extremely attentive to nuances of color. His paintings and drawings cover a gauntlet of subject matter from exquisite fish paintings to his deft touch in painting birds and sporting dogs. Painting chairman and co-coordinator of the New York State Fair Wildlife Exhibit for many years and was a participant of the exhibit for 16 years. Recently inducted into the New York State Outdoorsman "Hall of Fame", his artwork and prints can be viewed on his website: www.birdart.com.

Tom maintains his studio and resides in Syracuse, New York and can be reached at 315-454-8401
Tom Lenweaver,
300 Berwick Rd. South,
Syracuse, NY 13208.

E-mail: info@birdart.com

Phone/Fax: 315-454-8401

All works Copyright Tom Lenweaver Illustration/Design All rights reserved.